Joining the SSP: You can contact us or meet us in person at any of the events noted on our home page.

About the SSP: The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) is a left-wing Scottish political party. Positioning itself significantly to the left of Scotland’s centre-left parties, the SSP campaigns on a socialist economic platform and for Scottish independence.

It operates through a branch based structure with additional networks for identity or campaigning groups, as well as accepting open platforms who are allowed to organise within the party.

Whilst following the 2003 elections to the Scottish Parliament, it had six Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) and two local councillors, although its main focus is on grassroots community campaigns, the SSP lost all its seats in the Scottish Parliament in the 2007 election, and retained one local councillor. Its primary campaigns at the moment are the provision of free school meals and free public transport as well as opposition to the war in Iraq and campaigning against the council tax.

What the SSP stands for

  1. The rich will pay higher taxes
  2. Our public services, including oil, fuel and transport, will be publicly owned
  3. Our minimum wage right now would be £8 an hour
  4. Wages, benefits and pensions will rise by £50 a week, across the board
  5. All our school children will get nutritious free school meals
  6. Supermarket prices will be frozen
  7. Women will get equal pay for equal work
  8. Young people will get the same national minimum wage as everyone else
  9. Nuclear weapons will be banned from Scottish territory
  10. The council tax will be scrapped in favour of a local tax where the rich pay their fair share
  11. Free public transport will be brought in to ease congestion, pollution and global warming
  12. Our young troops will be brought home from the killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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