Minutes from North Branch AGM

Dear all
Thanks to all who made it along to the branch AGM on Wednesday 4 August at Out of the Blue and to Raphie for his talk.
In terms of the office bearing and delegate positions, the following people were nominated and elected:
Secretary – Karly
Chair – Merlin Kemp
Treasurer – Keith Mackie
National Council delegates – Colin Webster and Laura Bennison
Regional Council delegates – Keith Mackie and Karly Oliver
Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 1 September. I will send out venue and agenda details closer to the time.
Other dates to be aware of are the Joint Branch Meeting that will be on Thursday the 19th of August and the Regional All Members meeting that is scheduled for 29 August to select the candidates for the Scottish Parliament Elections.  Again, specific details will be sent out closer to the time.
The Edinburgh South Council by election has been set for 9 September so activity for this has started.  I will send out a schedule of events and activity for this leading up to the 9th as soon as it has been formulated.
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Public Meeting in Wester Hailes

The SSP held a public meeting tonight (Thu 22 April) in Westside Plaza, Wester Hailes.  Colin Fox and John McAllion outlined why they believed voters in Edinburgh South West should vote for a real alternative – the Scottish Socialist Party.

Colin and John pointed to the continuing moral dispute and cost of the Afghanistan war, the Iraq war, the financial crash and subsequent ‘rescue’ by the taxpayers, the bankers’ bonuses row, the MPs expenses scandals, proposed cuts in the Edinburgh South West constituency, as well as other issues raised by the audience.

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Edinburgh North Branch – Next Meeting

The next Edinburgh North Branch Meeting will take place this Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 7:30 at the CWU Club 15 Brunswick Street Leith.
The proposed agenda is as follows:
1. Apologies
2. Discussion on Independence
3. National Council Report
4.Stop the SDL update
5. Future Events
6. A.O.B
7. Next Meeting
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Public meeting on Afghanistan

Click on this link to view a leaflet about a public meeting on Afghanistan on Thursday 28 January at 7:30 pm.

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North Branch motions for conference

Attached is a motion for conference submitted by David MacKay as amended and agreed to provisionally following a discussion at last night’s joint branch meeting.
As decided last night, we are going to hold another meeting to discuss and vote on motions for conference submitted by the North Branch, the South Branch will do the same.
This will take place on Thursday 28 January before the public meeting on Afghanistan at Edinburgh University, Room G11 of the William Robertson Building, George Square at 6pm.  The public meeting is scheduled to start at 7:30.
If anyone has a motion you can send it to me and I can circulate it to the branch before the meeting.
Motion 1

Whereas the SSP is well known for its position on Independence and Socialism for Scotland, AND
the SNP government will be putting forth its Referendum Bill during the course of the upcoming UK election campaign, AND
the question of Independence is too important to leave to the SNP,
Edinburgh North Branch strongly recommends to Conference that:

All SSP candidates in that upcoming election campaign be directed to:
(i) make a priority of raising the issue of independence and socialism BY
(ii) making a clear delineation of our policy as opposed to that of the SNP, linking independence to our socialist economic policies, and
(iii)further do so in the context of our opposition to the pro-imperialist and neo-liberal policies of all the other mainstream parties

Motion 2

That Conference adopt a policy of demanding referenda on the questions of continued NATO and  EU membership if and when any Independence Referendum is successful

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Branch motions for conference

The SSP Conference is on 27 and 28 March 2010.  Each branch can submit two motions to the conference and the deadline for these is 31 January 2010.
Our next meeting before this deadline is the Joint branch meeting this Thursday 21 January at 7:30pm at the Nelson Hall.
If anyone has a motion to be discussed and voted on by the branch to be submitted for the conference you can bring a paper copy to the joint branch meeting.  This has been added as an item on the agenda.
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Future Events

Dear all

The next Edinburgh North branch meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 3 February 2010.  I will send the agenda and venue details out a week before the meeting.

At our last branch meeting in December we discussed Afghanistan and our anti war campaigning.  We decided to organise a public meeting in Edinburgh at the end of January.  I will send an email out after this about the planning and building for this meeting.

We also discussed Independence and it was proposed that we have ongoing educational discussions on this issue.  The pdf reading list supplied in the previous email was intended for ongoing discussions over a longer period of time not just for the next meeting.

Future Events

Thursday 14 January – Stop the SDL Planning Meeting – 7pm Upstairs Forest Café Bistro Place

Saturday 16 January – Stall on Princes Street 12pm-1:30pm – Afghanistan Campaigning

Thursday 21 January – Joint Edinburgh North and South Branch Meeting, 7:30, Nelson Halls – Agenda will be sent out in the next couple of days.

Saturday 23 January – Stall on Princes Street as above – to build for the public meeting.

27 or 28t January (TBC) – Public Meeting in Edinburgh on the war in Afghanistan 7:30pm, Venue TBC.

Wednesday 3 February – Edinburgh North Branch Meeting – 7:30pm



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Stand up to the fascist SDL

Hi all
The SDL are planning to march in Edinburgh in February.  A planning meeting is scheduled in order to prepare to stand up against the racism and fascism of the SDL.
The meeting will take place this Thursday 14 January at 7pm in the upstairs room of the forest cafe on Bistro Place in Edinburgh.
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North Branch meeting: Wed 6th Jan

Hi everyone
Our first Edinburgh North Branch meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday the 6th of January.  As usual it will be at the CWU Club15 Brunswick Street Leith at 7:30pm.
As agreed on at the previous meeting, the main topic for discussion will be the Independence Referendum.
Sorry for the delay in sending this email out.
The proposed Agenda of the Meeting so far is as follows:
1. Apologies
2. Discussion on Independence
3. Afghanistan Public Meeting
4. Future Events and Activities
5. AOB
6. Next Meeting
Hope to see you there.
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North Branch AGM

The North Branch AGM (or rather extraordinary AGM) will be held on Wednesday November 4th at the CWU Club from 7.30.


1. Apologies
2. Election of Office Bearers
3. Discussion of the current local/national political situation.
4. Direction of the branch/activities/events/priorities.
5. AOCB.
6. Date of next meeting.

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