SSP Special Conference

Dear all
Just a reminder that the SSP Special Conference is on tomorrow in Glasgow, see below details from Kevin McVey and attachment containing statements and resolutions.
For those of you who will be taking a train through I propose to meet at 11:30 outside WH Smith at Waverly Station in time for the 11:45 train that arrives at Glasgow Queen St at 12:37.
Special Conference this Saturday 5th February, 1 – 4.30pm, Woodside Halls, 60 Glenfarg St, Glasgow, G20 7QU.

Also details of meeting called by International Committee after
Conference finishes:

The International Committee is inviting interested SSP members to come
to a meeting to relaunch the Calton Hill Committee. This is with a
view to launching a series of republican events to coincide with the
various royal celebrations this year. The ruling class and all the
mainstream parties hope to divert people’s attention away from their
current austerity drive. They want to continue to  use the various
royals’ honourary or real participation in her majesty’s armed forces
to attempt to win support for ongoing imperial wars.  They hold  the
anti-democratic Crown Powers in reserve to to rein in any substantial
exercise of Scottish self-determination. It’s time to challenge this.

This meeting will be held following straight on from the:-

February 5th
Woodside Halls
60 Glenfarg St,

Kevin McVey
National Secretary

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