Glasgow University occupation

This is an action that party members across the country should do what
they can to support and any help we can offer will be greatly

On Tuesday 1st February students (and supporters, including many SSY
and SSP members) active in the struggle against cuts and for free
education took over the abandoned Hetherington Research Club at
Glasgow University. This much loved postgraduate student union was
forced to close because uni management were no longer willing to fund
it, and has since been lying empty. We had received word that the
university intended to begin building work to rip out the bars and
meeting rooms and completely transform the nature of the building very
soon. As a result, as a last ditch effort to save the building for
students, and to build a space at the disposal for the struggle
against cuts, we’ve taken over and re-opened the building for use by
students, staff and the wider community.

Currently we have full freedom of access and the occupation has proved
incredibly popular on campus, with many students dropping by
throughout the day. We have begun building up a busy programme of
events, some of which I’ve detailed below. We have two main spaces
here, and we are very open to being booked by groups for meetings,
talks, film showings etc. Please get in touch by emailing to book an event – I’d love to see the SSP
making full use of the space. Comrades should also feel free to drop
by any time for a free cup of coffee/tea or a bite to eat. It’s a
lovely space to just relax and socialise.

Comrades can show support can show support by giving us donations of
cash or food and drink many comrades have already done a sterling job,
much appreciated!) Here’s our wish list of things we need:

– Electric hob
– Bedding
– Blu tac
– Rack for drying dishes
– Tea towels
– Camping stove
– Can opener
– Washing up liquid
– Soap
– First Aid supplies
– Tea spoons
– Books for our library (and Voices/SSP literature to leave lying
around the bar area!!!)
– Coloured pens
– Door mat
– Brillo pads
– Washing up cloths
– Vegetable peeler
– Art materials: paper, acrylic paint, canvas, sugar paper.
– Cheap socks
– A mop
– Dettox/Anti-bacterial spray

And here we have some of the events we’re putting on over the next few
days; please come along and enjoy!

Friday Feb 4th
2pm – Guest lecture with Dr Ben Franks, philosophy lecturer at
Crichton Campus, on ‘The Ethics of Private Property.’
4pm – Rebel Clown Training
7pm – Workshop on Good Sex and Good Consent
8pm – FILM SHOWING – The Baader Mainhof Complex, followed by iscussion.

Saturday Feb 5th
5pm – Getting to know you session for occupiers and supporters to meet
and greet, followed by dinner. Hopefully featuring participants in the
Edinburgh uni occupation.

Sunday 6th
4pm – Meeting to plan action on the day of Glasgow City Council’s budget
7pm – Film showing of work by the artist Haroun Farochi

Monday Feb 7th
9 – 11 – Quiz night!

There’s lots more to come! This space is available for comrades, so
get in touch and let us know how you’d like to use it!

Jack Ferguson

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