Merry Christmas!

Dear all
Greetings to everyone – I hope you have had happy festive season times.

A number of SSP meetings and events are scheduled for throughout January.  Individual notifications will be sent out before each event with all of the finer details about what when and where, but below is a summary so that you can get the dates in your diaries.  Feedback on any of this is welcomed.

Monday 10 January – Regional Council Meeting 7pm

This meeting will be dedicated to discussing the Scottish Parliament Elections and our campaigning.
Keith McKie and I are the delegates for the North branch but everyone is welcome at this meeting and encouraged to attend.
It is likely to be in one of the Edinburgh University rooms.

Sunday 16 January – SSP Regional Training Day for Scottish Parliament Elections 1pm-4pm
This will take place at Edinburgh University.  We will hold four workshops on the following:
  1. Writing and designing a Leaflet
  2. Canvassing
  3. Fundraising
  4. Media work

This training day will be a good opportunity for members to learn new skills, brush up on their existing skills or, for those of you who are already exceptionally skilled and experienced in these areas, to share your expertise with the rest of us.  We are inviting some comrades through from Glasgow and other areas to help facilitate the workshops so we are hoping to get a good turn out from everyone in the region.

Thursday 20 January 2010 – Edinburgh North South Joint Branch Meeting

Now that the Sheridan trial is over, we have decided to dedicate the next joint branch meeting to a discussion on ‘Where we go from here – moving on after the Sheridan trial.’  This will be an opportunity for all branch members to talk about where we see things going from now on.  The joint branch is scheduled for Thursday 20 January at 7pm in the usual Nelson Hall location.  We are hoping to get Richie Venton or Kevin McVey through from Glasgow to lead off on this discussion.

Thursday 27 January 7pm – Public Meeting on Afghanistan, Nelson Hall

The South branch decided they would like to hold a public meeting on Afghanistan and have firstly, invited all north branch members to attend and secondly, if we could help build for the meeting as well.   Mohammad Asif from the Scottish Afghan Society has been invited to speak at it so we would like to get a big turn out from branch members as well as the public.

Saturday 29 January – SSP Regional Fundraiser – Radical Pub Crawl.
The last one was successful – and fun so we decided at the last RC to do another one.

As previously mentioned – all finer details of each of these events will be communicated before they come up – this was mainly so you could get the dates in your calendar.  Please feel free to come back to me with any feedback or questions on any of this as well as with any other events that are happening.

Happy New Year for when it happens and look forward to seeing you all throughout January.

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