Weds 17th Nov


Dear comrades,
As I have alerted many of you by text yesterday, the STUC has now publicly announced a lobby of the Scottish Parlmt calling for a budget that protects jobs, services, living wage, fair taxes, etc. It is on WEDNESDAY next – 17th – at 12noon.
We need a good SSP presence at it.
We were literally the first in Scotland to propose this event – through material in the Voice and our Public Sector Workers Voice on the STUC demo. We have campaigned for it in the different unions. We got the PCS to commit to such a lobby first at Scottish level – although that was planned for 11.30am Thurs 18th – the day most people originally thought was budget day. (we are now taking steps to try and get PCS to alter the date to coincide with the STUC lobby on Weds, for maximum numbers and impact … we will see..)

Our purpose in raising this concrete proposal is to
(a) keep up some of the momentum within the unions and beyond after the 20,000-strong STUC demo,
(b) focus pressure on the Scottish govt as they set their budget, demanding they defy Westminster, rather than pass on cuts,
(c) as part of that, raise our twin alternatives of demanding a No-Cuts defiance budget, demanding back the £1.3bn stolen by Westminster, and calling for a Bill to replace the Council Tax and thereby raise an extra £1.6bn through the income-based Service Tax, avoiding any excuse for cuts.

We need as many SSP comrades as can make it along on Weds.
Where possible by getting a delegation from your union and/or anti-cuts campaign, with a banner if possible.
But regardless of how feasible that is, we need a visible SSP presence, with banners and placards etc.
Can you attend?
Can you get any others from your union/anti-cuts campaign?
Can you persuade any other SSP members to come?
This is a national event – though of course a turnout from Edinburgh is more likely to be possible.

Please reply to say what you can do for it….and then we can plan travel arrangements too.
And where possible comrades should arrive at the parliament by 11.45am to make sure our visible presence is organised.
Yours in struggle and socialism,
Richie Venton – national trade union organiser

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