September 1st meeting notes

This is just a wee note following up on the meeting on Wednesday.

For those of you who weren’t there, congratulations to our candidates for the Scottish Parliamentary elections! Colin Fox is top of the list, and the other 5 candidates, Catriona, Laura, Raphie, Andy and Barbara are all North branch members so hopefully we’ll all get out there and support them in the campaign.

Also welcome to Andy, our newest branch member, although he’s been around for ages and lots of you know him already.  Good to have you around though Andy, and thanks for the talk on Asylum seekers.  Clearly many SSP members have a proud history of supporting Asylum Seekers.  Andy produced a factsheet with some stats, I’m sure he’ll be happy to forward it on to anyone that wants a copy.

Future activities and fundraising

We need to raise some money, not least to make a contribution to the Scottish Parliament election campaign fund.  Please can you all have a think and either email me your fundraising ideas or bring them along to the next meeting.  Karly and I spoke about the possibility of running a film night or two, so if you’ve got any suggestions for that then let us know.  Other ideas include car boot sales and selling stuff on ebay.   If you’ve got anything you want to get rid of let me know and we’ll see if we could do that, possibly with help from Robert Mathie who has been raising quite a bit this way already.  We could run a stall in Leith, there are probably enough of us, and if we picked a busy spot it might be worthwhile.  Socials of course, I think there’s a pub crawl planned at some point (possibly 8 October?), and also some kind of christmas show in which we are all invited to participate.  Any other ideas please let me know, some of you have loads more experience than me so I’m sure you’ve got experience of what does and doesn’t work.

Also, should we be doing more than just meeting once a month, should we be linking up with other groups, getting involved in community activities – I know lots of you are already, but maybe you could use some north branch members’ help form time to time?  Is there any pre election stuff we could be doing, I quite fancy doing a bit of canvassing maybe once a month pick a few streets in the branch area and knock on some doors.  Tell me if you think that sounds daft.  Anyway, again ideas please by email or at the next meeting.


We agreed that more people would be given editing rights to our website so a bigger team can chip in, keep it up to date etc.  Let Karly or Colin W or me know if you’d be up for that.  Also please have a look at some SSP web sites, like the Scottish Socialist Youth one and the Campsie one and let me know what you like and what you don’t like, and we’ll maybe have a go at updating our site a bit.

Future meetings

Please let me and Karly know any ideas you’ve got for future meetings, Karly’s got a long list of ideas I’m sure, but the more the merrier.  One thing I’d like to talk about is ways we can get our messages out there, as a branch maybe we could do soething a bit more coordinated around writing to papers, getting on radio phone ins, responding to blogs or whatever, we can but try, and maybe if we can start to build up some relationships now, that’ll help come election time.

Next meeting

Next North Branch meeting will be on 6th October, and the Joint Branch Meeting is the 16th of September.

I’m trying to sort out a calendar for the region that will hopefully be linked to at the end of emails from me as regional secretary.  You can all let me know dates you want added in and I’ll put them in, hopefully there’s a link at the end of this rambling email you can click and see what’s going on, although I’ve not got a huge amount in the calendar yet.

Edinburgh South Council Bye election
Finally, please can you let Karly know if you can do any leafleting over the next week in the run up to the election on the 9th September.  I think people are doing stuff most days, so whenever you can lend a hand, there’s probably someone else who you can join up with.  Karly has all the details.
Right that’s it for now.


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